Similarities Between The Truman Show And A Christmas Carol

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Texts such as The Truman Show and A Christmas Carol share similar themes. One of the most predominant themes throughout both texts is the existence of character transformation. The main protagonist in The Truman show, Truman Burbank, went through a series of events that ultimately lead to him becoming a completely different person, these events came in the form of childhood occurrences, ‘supernatural’ beings and memories of things that came about in the past. Similarly the main character Ebenezer Scrooge in the novel A Christmas Carol also went through life altering/changing events, and in the same way he was reborn into completely new character. In these texts the protagonists begin their transformations in the beginning of their lives. Truman’s life was shaped by his role-models, …show more content…

Although Truman wasn’t visited by ghosts of the undead, he was introduced to a man that was very supernatural to him. Christof was the god of Truman’s life, he had been controlling everything in he had ever known. Even though this wasn’t a major transforming moment for him, it was the moment where he turned from a pawn to a free man. Both characters where visited by something considered supernatural to them, for Scrooge it was the major event, but for Truman it was simply the cherry on top.

Another key similarity between the texts is that both Truman and Scrooge have their pasts revisit them. The first ghost that visits Scrooge is the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost said to him ``I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.'' The ghost showed scrooge what he had done wrong in his past Christmases. This made Scrooge feel awful, so bad in fact he tried to kill the ghost. However Truman didn’t visit his past, it was implied that he had flash backs about his father and other events. In contrast his Father actually physically returned back to him. This is very different in how Scrooge visited and relived his

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