Similarities Between Wall E And The Great Gatsby

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Though Wall-e and Gatsby live on hope the hope revealed through there visualization is achievable for one while the other is not. Even though these two stories may seem very different, “Wall-e” and “The Great Gatsby”, have a great similarity. They’re symbolism of hope. In both stories we see through certain aspects that their symbolism shows how the characters strive for a certain goal. Most people may think that it’s impossible for the two stories to have anything in common considering the characters, time period, and audiences are vastly different, but once looked at closely there is no doubt that they have something in common. In “The Great Gatsby” jay Gatsby has a false hope of the social world in which he lives in. Gatsby is madly in love …show more content…

This eventually leads to his own death. Gatsby’s hope is constantly symbolized through the green light of daisy’s dock across the water. Gatsby sees the green light every day, and it serves as a reminder of the one thing he wants most. He would literally give up everything for her, and the years that he spends watching her live her life are painful for him. When Gatsby was a young military man he met Daisy Buchanan and falls in love with her. But because Gatsby was in uniform that day daisy couldn’t see the real him. The uniform was like a “Cloak of Invisibility”. Gatsby knew that he didn’t belong in daisy’s house. Even though he would go on the being The Great Gatsby, at the moment he was just a penniless young man and daisy could not see this fact. “But he knew that he was in Daisy’s house by a colossal accident. However glorious might be his future as Jay Gatsby, he was at present a penniless young man without a past, and at any moment the invisible cloak of his uniform might slip from his shoulders. So he made the most of his time.”(Fitzgerald) The false hope is now created within Gatsby. From this point on in

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