Sin And Guilt In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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The “A’” significance and manifestation all pertain to sin.The Scarlet Letter is a Book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne that shows the true meaning of sin and guilt through another person's life in puritan society.Hester Prynne a lonely women departed from her ugly husband in england,commits infidelity or adultery with local preacher Dimmsdale and has a daughter out of the sin that was committed.To punish Hester she was forced to where a Large “A’” on her breast,to let everyone know what she has done.The Letter “A’” has different meaning to different people throughout the book.The letter “A’” takes on varied meanings in the story and manifests itself in multiple areas in objects and characters in the book.
The scarlet letter on hester’s bosom stands for a varied of meanings throughout the story.In the begging of the book the scarlet letter’s significance is that it portrays Hester’s sin she committed with Dimsdale and that she was forced to where it as a punishment.Later in the strory the “A” changes from sin to Hester’s ability to overcome the sin she commited and wears the scarlet letter with pride for example in the book she makes her scarlet letter bigger.Toward the end of the book the scarlet …show more content…

Another manifestation in the scarlet letter is the Meteor with an engraved “A” on it.Dimmesdale thinks he should wear a scarlet letter too and thinks God is exposing him and see it as a mutual sin,however everyone in the puritan community thinks it stands for “angel”.The scarlet letter manifests itself on Dimmesdale's chest.It symbolizes the effects of secret sin and that it can ultimatly kill you in the

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