Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Summary

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The story “From Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is a cruel story. The story starts off at a castle by King Arthur. It is around Christmas and New Years time and this man visits the castle unexpectedly. This man is covered green and he is known as a Green Knight in the story. He comes to the castle and ask the people to play a game. No one really wants to play but a person bravely volunteers to play. He accepted the challenge and the game begun. The story is shocking and full of back biting; although, he accept the challenge, strike him, and told a slander during the game.
Sir Gawain stands up and agreed to accept the challenge from the Green Knight. When he stood up and agreed to take the challenge, it shows how audacious he was. Everyone else was scared and insecure. King Arthur agreed also, but only because he got called out. That’s when Gawain jumps up and said he accept. That's what make him so divergent from the others in the room. He did something that
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Sir Gawain did it in one blow. That part was really shocking and was an heroic action of him. He is a very lionhearted person to be able to cut Green Knight head off with no hesitation. When he cut it off, Green Knight picked his head up as if it was nothing wrong with it. It takes a lot for a person to cut someone head off.
However, Sir Gawain told a slander during the game. Being a hero, you must have the trait of integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest. In the next challenge the Lord will go out hunting with his men everyday. When he returns back to the castle, he had to exchange his winnings for anything Gawain received at the castle. On the third day, Gawain did not exchange all of his winnings, which made him a liar. He did prove that he was a worthy knight but also he can not be trusted. Being a leader or a hero, you have to be an integrity person. So people can trust you and tell you to do things that others can
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