Sir Gawaine In The Once And Future King

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He did not have a good start, but his finish was beautiful. Gawaine starts out on the wrong path, but before he dies he forgives Lancelot and stands loyally with Arthur. The Once and Future King by T. H. White tells the story of how the famous King Arthur invented the peace making Round Table. Sir Gawaine was once King Arthur’s worst enemy until Arthur invited him to become one of the first knights of his might defeating Round Table. Gawaine is the head of the Orkney clan. His parents are Lot of Orkney and Morgause. His brothers are Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, and his half-brother Mordred. Gawaine leads his clan with intelligence and skill and stands loyal by those he loves, but his short temper makes him unstable. Gawaine’s short temper leads him off the right path. His reputation is damaged in the first year of his …show more content…

Even when his family goes against King Arthur, he stays loyal to Arthur supporting him and apologizing for his family. “Gawaine, lumbering to one knew more slowly, joined him on the floor. “Sir, I came ben hoping to control my brothers, but they willna listen. I dinna wish to hear what they may say.” (Pg. 555) This shows that Gawaine does not agree with his family and wants to protect Arthur by trying to dissuade Mordred from speaking. Gawaine stays loyal to Gareth and Gaheris after their deaths by trying to revenge them even if it was not the right way to go. Queen Guinevere believes that he is loyal also. “He (Gawaine) is loyal.” (Pg. 566) Gawaine’s loyalty is remarkable. Gawaine intelligently and skillfully leads his clan, stays loyal to those he trusts, but lashes out with his short temper. He remains the same most of the book, but at the end he forgives Lancelot and turns away from his family to stand by King Arthur. He shows his love for his family and King throughout The Once and Future King. His short temper, leadership, and mostly his loyalty makes him the second best knight of the Round

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