Sky Masterson Archetypes

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What is an archetype character? Well the definition of archetype character is in literature, an archetype is a typical character, an action or a situation that seems to represent such universal patterns of human nature, an archetype, also known as universal symbol, may be a character, a theme, a symbol or even a setting. Well as it said on google so in my own definition i would define archetypal character in a hero's journey as someone who tries to save someone or acts as if the hero and that's just my understanding of it if I understood it well. While watching Guys and Dolls I thought I won’t be able to find a hero or someone who is even close to being the hero in the movie to write my pages for this assignment. But after watching it I …show more content…

I would say it’s when Sky Masterson who played a bet with Nathan Detroit well Nathan was the one who started all this drama anyways when Sky Masterson wasn’t even into dolls at that time. Since Nathan needed thousand bucks for his business thing he tried so hard to get Sky Masterson to bet on how much cheesecake and the other dessert was sold the other day but Sky Masterson was smart enough to realize Nathan was not trusting and that he knew how much it was sold. I mean it was obvious by the way he was talking to him about cheesecake and kept offering him one. So long story short they Nathan bet that Sky masterson could not take this doll that was religious on a date to Havana. The doll's name was Sarah Brown. So when he finally took sarah to havana she got drunk thinking the alcohol was a sweet milk and the fact that he didn't take advantage of sarah brown was such good quality he had. When he got back from havana he announced that he failed the bet that he didn't take the doll on a date to havana and nothing happened to protect her reputation. When Nathan told Sarah that Sky failed to take the doll on a date and that he lost the bet Sarah was surprised so was I and I think that was something that was closest to something hero would do. The motif that my character encountered is the music. The musical lyric keeps coming out very often in the movie Guys and Dolls. They had repeating pattern of

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