Slavery Is The Fourth Of July Research Paper

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Slavery, once a controversial topic, is slowly beginning to reappear in today 's society. Most individuals will deny this because slavery isn 't something that is visible to someone not looking for it, but it still exists nationwide. In response to “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” by Frederick Douglass, I believe that with slavery being out of sight and mind, citizens are celebrating a national holiday and oratory with more optimism than what should be present.
Around the publication of “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July” in 1845, enslavement was present all around. Back then, all it took was a glance at an individual 's skin color to determine if they were in bondage. Therefore, I believe that people today are destined to be less optimistic. I say this because in order for change to happen the nation needs to be aware of the dilemma. Around 1845, it wasn 't difficult to preach about slavery. However, if one were to attempt to give an informational speech in today’s community about slavery, the majority of the public would roll their eyes in disbelief. The …show more content…

Withholding this significant information will forever make it more challenging to truly abolish slavery. Therefore, Americans should not feel encouraged that the United States or other countries are free. In agreement with Frederick Douglass, it’s great in a way that some citizens celebrate their freedom, but not all share this same gratitude. In addition to this, I find it ironic how in “What to the Slave is Fourth of July,” Douglass mentions the enslavement all of am Americans felt under the British control. It affected everyone, so citizens fought for their freedom. Slavery, then and now, might not affect everyone. Does this justify others for not standing up for their unalienable rights? In my opinion, it’s inhumane to answer yes to this question. Some people are unable to defend themselves and as a country, the United States can either continue to celebrate a false holiday or do the right

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