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America 's most unusually named towns – Part 1 of 5 Have you ever wondered what lies in a town 's name? Then check out these town names and see what they stand for. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico Back in the 1950s, the ever-popular quiz show called Truth or Consequences made a promise to telecast from the first town that would rename itself after the show. That city was Hot Springs, New Mexico. For the next 50 years, Ralph Edwards the show 's host would visit the town on the first weekend of May for a celebration that included a beauty contest followed by a parade. The show began its debut on NBC radio and later became a popular television show. The annual event is still celebrated today. +towns +America +unusual-names +memorable +unique…show more content…
In the summer of 2012, Needles broke the all time record for hot rain when the town was bombarded with scorching 115 degree rain. A lightening storm followed setting crops on fire. People thought that Hell had struck their town. +towns +America +unusual-names +memorable +unique Smackover, Arkansas Even though oil is the main driving force behind Smackover 's economy, the residents of this town of less than 2,000 owe its name to the timber industry. Back in the 1800s, French settlers migrated to the area. Making their living by being trappers, they eventually switched to logging and farming. The name Smackover originates from an anglicization of the French sumac couvert, meaning "covered in sumac," or Chemin Couvert, which means "covered way." There are however, several other stories indicating how the town got its unusual name. According to legend, back in the days a form of oil blowing “smack over the derrick,” was popular. Another account tells of a settler jumping “smack over” the creek. The town got an economic boost when oil was discovered in 1922. Today, half of the town’s population is still employed by the oil industry. Each year in June, Smackover holds its annual four-day Oil Town Festival. +towns +America +unusual-names

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