Smoke Signals Essay

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The story of natives American are fulfill of mysteries, uniqueness and quaintness. Since the conquest of their land, as known as America, by the Europeans, the population and the structure of the native drastically change through time. Nowadays, the Indians who were sovereigns before that the settlers came are not anymore. The movie Smoke Signals by Sherman Alexie display the present natives American in United States. We will discuss about how this change occurs through the downfall of the land of native by the Europeans and the present native in United States. Since 1325 C.E, the population of the natives were flourish economically and socially. They develop fabulous agriculture and architecture. As an example we can cite the Aztec, they constructed …show more content…

We perceive watching the movie that this great people of the past are no longer. They live nowadays in the reservation, far from a city. This reservation given and placed by the American to have a household seem to a prison than a home in which native are confined not knowing much about the outside world. Inside the reservation, is poverty and hardship, the family of Victor is the proof. Her mother could not even pay to his son the travel to see his dead father. The condition of the road and the lack of infrastructure show as well the insufficiency of the natives. The fear of white people who take their land is still there. For instance Victor and Thomas fear the two men who took their place on the bus as well as the sheriff who accuse them of creating an accident. However, in all this troublesome that the natives have today, we also notice some pattern unique to the native. They are social, in the reservation at Arizona, we can remark that all the population inside it knew each other. They still keep some of their culture, we observe the fried bread that the mother of Victor cook is an ethnic food for the native, the grandmother of Thomas also cook as well as Suzy. In addition, we note the native kindness, the same kindness that they have when they accept the settler into their land is also pursue today. In the movie, Thomas help Victor his friend to go see his father funding the trip. Thomas and victor also help some white people in the crash accident, saving

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