Examples Of Native Challenges Within Motorcycle And Sweetgrass

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Native Challenges within Motorcycles and Sweetgrass
Native people are often ghettoized and segregated in modern society. Native people are looked at in many different ways and because of this they have been faced with a lot of different challenges. These challenges still affect native people in this day and age, also not only do they affect native people in the present but they affected them in the past too, and it was more apparent then, and because of the past challenges it affected the present conditions and status of native people today. There are many challenges that affect native people in this day and age that also relates to this novel. Firstly native people are begging to lose their belief in their culture. “‘Everybody used to talk …show more content…

Firstly, in the past they did not have as much freedom as they do in the present. “In this place, words other than English or Latin were unchristian and those who used them were punished severely”. (10) This quote is showing that native kids were striped from their freedom and culture by others. This is significant because it shows how in the past native people struggled with their freedom and were stripped of it. Secondly, in the past they were separated from their family to adopt a new way of life. “Remembering the family she had just left, and imaging the family that she would someday have” (9). This is showing that she had been separated from her family to be sent to a residential school. This is significant because it shows the public the harsh childhood that native people had to go through because non-native wanted to make them Christian. Finally, in the past they were forced to learn new thing. “And father Mackenzie won’t let him leave until he can memorize all the monologues in that stupid play” (11). This is showing that the head people at the residential school would force the native kids to learn different things to make then strive away from the native way of life. This is significant because it shows how non-native people tried to make native people lose connection to the original way of

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