Snowy Owls: A Narrative Fiction

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“Milly!” My owner shouted as the snow drifted down. “Come in! It 's getting cold.” I didn 't understand what she was saying because it is always cold in Alaska. She opened the door so I could dash through. She closed the door and I shook until every piece of snow was off my fur. “Milly! It 's going to melt and it 's going to ruin the nice, big furniture! I 'm so mad at you,” My owner said, shaking her head and crossing her arms, towering over me.
“I 'm sorry mama,” I barked.
“Oh I was just kidding. How could I be mad at such an adorable dog?” She rubbed me all over and pet all my favorite spots. As she lit the fireplace in the middle of the living room, we cuddled. When my owner finally feel asleep, I quickly and quietly dashed to the bay …show more content…

In fact, I haven’t seen much before because I have never ventured far from the house. It was like there was a infarct around the cabin. The snowy owl drifted through the air, piercing the snow just like a sword piercing a piece of paper. Faith drove me to the side of the road where two dogs came up to me. I immediately sniffed them and they smelt strangely familiar. It took me a couple of seconds to recognize them, but when I did, it was just like smelling a new, fresh book for the first time. Their scent tingled my nose excitedly in many ways I couldn’t explain. “Brother? Sister?” I said diligently. It became late at night and I didn’t want to worry my human. Faith and I went through the woods, spotted the cabin for a split second until there was a gush of cold, piercing wind. The snow started piling on me. I looked around to find Faith and she was also trying to push through the snow. “Where are we? I don 't see my cabin anymore!” I shouted as loud as I could so Faith could hear me. “I think we’re lost! I’m so sorry!” My heart stopped as she said those words.

It turned into one day without food and another day without my human. It started to snow savagely again. I ducked to a covering tree to block the wind and the snow. “What do you mean we’re lost?” I said, shuddering as I

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