So You Ve Been Publicly Shamed Analysis

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In the book “So You`ve been Publicly Shamed”, or rather the chapters I have read, John Ronson tries to understand the causes of public shame through the chosen victims` experience. The author tries to find out how their lives were shaping up, and how they found the strength to live on. He shows that any offense, any unsuccessful phrase becomes a subject of public discussion and condemnation. Also, a person becomes an outcast without the right to rehabilitation. It was clearly shown in the story between the journalist Michael C. Moynihan, and the American writer Jonah Lehrer. The writer was convicted for printing in his book several fabricated Bob Dylan quotes. In this situation, Michael was faced with some of the ethical issues: morality and vice in the form of lies. He decided to publish the article about it, because “Michael was the guarder of social rules”. However, Johan has been publicly shamed. He retired from work, lost the trust of his readers, had lots of awful comments on the Twitter, his life was ruined. …show more content…

Lies destroy trust and relationship between people. So, Johan became a victim of his lies. What would I have done in Michael 's situation? The only one personal quality drives me crazy: it is a lie. I always ask people, to be honest with me and no matter how much the truth can harm me. If a person deceives me, I can change my opinion about this person, but I will never humiliate and discuss her publicly. I would not print that article, because my life principles do not allow me to humiliate another person, all the more so

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