Analysis Of The Ted Talk 'How To Spot A Liar'

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How to spot a liar The Ted Talk “How to Spot a Liar” by Pamela Meyer discusses and compares seeking the truth and seeking the lie. There is not only a strict scientific method to it but a more humanistic approach. Meyer tells us how lie spotters are armed with scientific knowledge on spotting deception (Meyer, 2011). The strongest points of Meyers’ argument are that lying is a cooperative act. If a lie is not believed or believable, it has lost its value. A lie has a perpetrator and a victim and without these characteristics, it’d fail. Lying is also an attempt to bridge a gap that connects our fantasies and reality (Meyer, 2011). When thinking about Schemas, lying has to be the most universally common model. The characteristics of a lie …show more content…

If a larger crowd of people witness a bullying incident, fewer people are likely to stand up to the bully. This is called the bystander effect. A factor of the bystander effect is the responsibility one must withhold when witnessing an incident (Feist and Rosenberg, 2015). When encountering a situation alone, one is more likely to help the person vs. when a crowd is witnessing the incident, the person is less likely to assist (Feist and Rosenberg, 2015). This is because if one is watching the incident happen by themselves, then they feel that they are responsible. Whereas in a crowd, there are many people who have the potential to help but don’t because, they believe someone else in the crowd will (Feist and Rosenberg, 2015). There is also the fact that people are getting misinterpretations based on the acts of others. If no one is doing anything, then there maybe is no emergency. This is an example of informative social influence (Feist and Rosenberg, 2015). Another factor of the bystander effect can be the cost-benefit analysis. This analysis ascertains whether the situation is too dangerous, where no help can be given (Feist and Rosenberg, 2015). An example can be someone choking on food and giving them a Heimlich without knowing how to perform one. If people acted alone and followed their own intuition, our society would work better for the human race as a

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