Social And Economic Changes During The Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age's political, social, and economic types resulted in a rise in populist changes in the United States in the late nineteenth century.The uneven distribution of wealth and the exploitation of labor were two major factors in populist reform throughout this period. By pushing economic and political changes that would improve the working class and shift income from the wealthy elite to the general community, the populist movement wanted to address these problems. The United States had a period of fast economic growth during the Gilded Age, which extended from the 1870s through the 1890s. But because of the uneven distribution of this increase, the great majority of people did not greatly profit from it. A small group of wealthy individuals …show more content…

Most employees were required to work 12 hours or more every day, and wages were poor. Another common practice was child labor, with many kids as young as six working in mines and factories. The working class became increasingly frustrated as a result of these conditions, which also caused huge suffering. The populist movement pushed for several economic and political reforms to solve these problems. The introduction of a progressive income tax, which would have increased taxes on the wealthiest and transferred wealth to the general community, was one of their major goals. They pushed for the state's ownership of important areas of the economy, such as the railroads and telegraphs, to place them under government control and stop the wealthy class from taking advantage of them. The eight-hour workday and the banning of child labor were only two of the many social reforms that the populists supported. They thought that these changes would make working people's lives better and close the wealth-poverty gap. They also favored the creation of a national education system, which would have made sure that every kid had access to basic education and led to the removal of social inequality and

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