Cause Of Homelessness

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Every social, economic or political problem can influence society, the government and the country as a whole and homelessness is not an exception. Nowadays we can see more and more people without a permanent abode, sleeping on the streets, in hostels and in basements. The majority of them do not have a permanent job, they cannot usually buy clothes, food and other essential products and some of them loose lost contact with family. This term is usually considered synonymous with the word rootlessness, but in fact, it is a much more serious issue. This assignment will investigate the principal causes and consequences of the problem and also the methods of dealing with it. The first part is aimed at exploring the reasons for homelessness: …show more content…

They can be divided into 3 distinct groups: individual circumstances, structural factors and systems failures. The first group may include personal features, family situations and the institutional background of the person. The second group can be formed by social and economic causes such as unemployment, poverty and governmental housing policies. The third and final group consist of the inattention to the people with different problems, a lack of support for immigrants and the allowance of payments (Shelter, 2007)

Individual circumstances vary from person to person, his or her family and the general condition of lives of individuals. The most frequent cause of homelessness is due to relationship breakdowns (Ravenhill, 2000).It is often influenced by a plethora of problems: family arguments or the loss of a relative. Also, personal features such as emotional issues may have a significant effect on homelessness. At first, it could lead to psychological disorders due to the feeling of isolation. Eventually, a person may have difficulties socialising with others, have a of loss interest in everything and struggle to live in a functioning society. He or she unable to cope with psychological disorders may spend his or her entire life on the street. Some people have institutional backgrounds such as military service or have had a prison term. In some cases after they have performed duties and return home, they may struggle …show more content…

For example, BAOH (Business Action on Homelessness) which is located in Brighton, does not give them essentials such as food, clothes and medical care. However, it plays a huge role because it provides an opportunity to return to normal life and adapt in society. It organises seminars, training lessons and helps in developing working skills, in order to give people a chance to get a job. It has links with companies which can employ them. According to statistics, from period pf 2004-2014 this project arranged to work more than 47 percent of homeless people in Brighton and Hove area (BAOH (Business Action on Homelessness),

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