Social Classism In America

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Classism is a concept that is learn through socialization. It is an attitude that causes discrimination against others based on their social or economic class, and sometimes perceived classification. The American class system is composed of: underclass, working poor, working class, lower-middle, upper-middle, and upper class. The way that the classes are structured only benefit groups near the top of the pyramid. The lower class groups (underclass, working poor, and working class) usually are the individuals who experience discrimination based on their economic status, or lack thereof. Classism is institutionally perpetuated. Classism can be physically seen in the structuring of neighborhoods. Individuals who are poor reside in neighborhoods that they can afford which usually …show more content…

Classism is an often debate through channels of equal economic opportunity, one important one being the often dwindling funding for public education, especially in poor neighborhoods. There is an overall belief that if one works hard in America then they can rise on the pyramid into a different class. However, there are invisible barriers put into place and enforced by the wealthy elite that prevents certain groups from advancement, one of them being the class they are in, or were originally part of since birth.
The Abandoned and Classism
The Abandoned are the lowest class within the Black community, as well as others, in terms of financial status. Robinson states, “The web of restraints that keeps Abandoned black Americans from escaping into the middle class has been examined from every angle… But the web continues to tighten” (2010, p. 129). This group is boxed in because invisible barriers are put in place for them to stay where they are, especially from dominant outside society. Racism aids in the placement of the Abandoned, but worse other Blacks

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