Social Determinants Of Health Care Literature Review

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Annotated Bibliography Marmot, M. (2005). Social determinants of health inequalities. The Lancet, 365, 1099 1104. This journal article illustrates that many countries have enormous disparities in health. To accomplish advancements in health systems, it is essential to strive to eradicate major fatal diseases and to manage poverty. Life expectancies are considered on a global level concerning age, sex, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, region as well as the level of education, resulting in alarming statistical data. The objective for enhanced health systems incorporates decreasing the rates of morality. The social gradient greatly contributes to social inequalities around the world. Social conditions, for example, the environment in …show more content…

Sir Michael Marmot put into perspective how serious social disparities are and how they influence health not only between countries but also, within countries. The issue is not medical care; in fact the United States spends the most on medical care. You would initially think the country in which spends the most on medical care must have higher health rates. Well, believe it or not, this is actually false, for instance, sixty-two countries had higher maternal health rates than the United States. This displays that a lack of medical care fundamentally is not the conflict, whereas social inequality is. Even when considering the death of adolescent men, most deaths are due to violence, accident, drug or alcohol use. Health is to a great extent affected depending on where you stand on the social hierarchy. He states that we have the knowledge and means yet poses the question of “Do we have the willpower?”. In essence, we all have to cooperate to eliminate or at least reduce the rates of disparity. The most important approach in accomplishing this is by a means of empowerment, and creation and fair living conditions for society. Social inequality affects children at a young age and has a lasting impact; there was a particular statistic that lower income parents correlate with high rates of socio-emotional difficulties in children, due to low interactions with children. Inequality begins to impost society early on and life and progress throughout an individuals

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