Social Exclusion In Canada

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How multiculturalism policy impacted social inclusion processes in Canada? How multiculturalism policy impacted social inclusion processes in Canada? Abstract In recent years, the concept of multiculturalism has been regarded as problematic and a source of social exclusion, separation and segregation, rather than being a means for social integration, inclusion and strong sense of national identity. As a matter of fact, the mentors of German, France and Britain claim relentlessly that multiculturalism has been a failure in their countries (Edmonton journal, February 13, 2011). This paper seeks to demonstrate that multiculturalism is not a hazard to social inclusion and how…show more content…
So this notion implies unequal access to fundamental resources that qualify an individual to hold membership in a society. Although in recent times the discourse on social exclusion concentrates greatly on poverty and labor force participation. Social inclusion: This notion is described by a shared social experience and participation and an ample equality of opportunities and all citizens enjoying a basic level of welfare (sen , 2001:74) Brief history of multiculturalism policy in Canada In 1971, Canadian government recognized multiculturalism as a main characteristic of Canadian society through the adoption of a formal multiculturalism policy. The policy valued the many ethno-cultural group’s contribution to the nation. It allowed Canada to create an atmosphere based on the values of equality and mutual respect regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, skin color and religion (Kymlicka, 2010). The adoption of multiculturalism implied that Canada would:  Promote mutual respect for cultural diversity and value the freedom of individual to co-exist with others…show more content…
The policy objectives for multiculturalism program focus on building an integrated, socially cohesive society and making institutions more responsive to the needs of Canada’s diverse population. Finally, inclusive citizenship is emerging as 21th century goal not only for multiculturalism policy but also for Canadian social policy as a whole (Richmond, 2005). The positive impact of multiculturalism policy Multiculturalism policy supporters counted that it stimulates integration through mitigating obstacles to participation in Canadian life . when compared to many other countries that do not possess an official Multiculturalism policy , it is evident that Multiculturalism policy has placed an indispensable role in the successful integration of ethnic and religious minorities and immigrants in Canada ( kymlicka,2008; kymlicka,2010) . From the example of success provided by kymlicka, ( 1998;2010) that are worth ******** : The high level of acceptance and reciprocal idealifieaion between native Canadians and immigrants . The ceusderable possibility of immigrants converting into citizens
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