Total War Canada Analysis

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From 1914-1918, Canada was in a state of Total War. Women and minorities contributed to the war effort on the homefront by making clubs for themselves, custom making quilts, bandages, and clothes for overseas, worked traditional male jobs, donated land, working in the red cross, and organizing festivals. Every citizen of Canada was committed to giving back to the war effort. Even at home and overseas, the military added to the country being in Total War in the air and the sea; they gave it their all no matter where they were fighting. The government’s power in Canada created even a larger condition of Total War by the restrictions introduced and the amount of money spent/donated in WWI. All Canadians created a state of Total War through their…show more content…
Women of colour raised funds and gave what they could even though they could not vote. The Chinese women of Canada organized the Chinese Rice Bowl Festival with the donations they acquired. For the minorities that were male in Canada, they would voluntarily enlist themselves in the war without conscription. There was a substantial amount of aboriginal veterans that contributed in WWI that go unrecognized because they were in the minority. Aboriginal men not only fought in the war, but they donated land for the pilots to be able to have flying schools and train. With the way that minorities went out of their way, even if they did not gain anything from helping, minorities were committed to helping Canada being in a case of Total…show more content…
“On October 3, 1914, the First Canadian Contingent was on its way to England in the largest convoy ever to cross the Atlantic.” with Canada having a large quantity of navy supplies, it gave them an advantage for the war at sea. In the beginning of the war, 650,000 Canadians sought to fight in the war at sea, but, more than 68,000 did not come back. The staggering number of Canadians leaving to fight in the navy proves the able bodied men who signed up, signed up to help with the country be in a Total War effect. The war at sea played a critical role in Canada being in a Total War because it adds to the whole country supporting the war
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