Social Impact Of 9/11 Essay

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Laws and regulations passed after the attack on September 11, 2001 have been helpful to American society, because security takes more measurements to insurance the safety of people getting on airplanes. The rules and regulations on flying have gotten stricter for passengers and luggage screening. Machinery and procedures are constantly evolving to scan for any type of destructive items or weapons. The attack of 9/11 offset security cost, due to security having to increase and take more precautions than before the attack. Pilots are now allowed to carry a firearm and act as a federal officer aboard the plane. (Website)
“On September 11, 2001 four American airlines were taken over by a group called al Qaeda.” Two airplanes hit the World Trade …show more content…

The attack of 9/11 caused a lot of political judgments to become difficult. Al Qaeda planned this attack knowing lives would be lost or that people would be severely injured. It appears that terrorist attacks grew from spectacle to atrocity. The attack of 9/11 caused republicans and democratics to have even more different views on the government than they did before the attack. Republicans were isolationist when it came to building back up the nation, and unilateralist when it came to missile treaties and global warming. Democrats put national harmony above party advantage, and President Clinton hadn’t left them with a clear understanding and vision of the foreign policy. Although there wasn’t a clear understanding on the Democratic side, for the most part the American foreign policy had changed over time since 9/11 and started to be guided by grand ideas of democracy, freedom, and tyranny. September 11, 2001 was a long and agonizing day for the United States of America, on that night President Bush addressed the nation stating “Today our nation saw evil.” (Middle Eastern terrorism) President Bush stated this not because we were attacked, but the way the attack occurred. Thousands of people were brutally injured or killed during the

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