Lack Of Social Justice Education In Canada

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The lack of social justice education in Canada has contributed towards systemic issues of racism, sexism, ableism, and discrimination. First, defining social justice education is imperative since what might be right in the eyes of one teacher may be completely wrong in another. Furthermore, school curriculum often shape children’s attitudes and perceptions influencing their behavior on those topics mentioned above (Cross-Denny & Heyman, 2011). Additionally, this lack of social justice education is also present at post-secondary levels, specifically, at McGill University in the School of Social Work. Lastly, reflecting on one’s social location is critical to developing moral social justice as well as helping society achieve a level …show more content…

Why are courses like anti-oppressive practice (AOP) inputted only at a university level? Moreover, why are AOP courses only present in social work and education, or nursing curriculum within post secondary education (Carniol, 2010, p. 59)? The importance of having more social justice education courses starting at a young age is significant in teaching future generations about ongoing oppression in Canada. Having an anti-oppressive mindset goes beyond simple criticism and allows us to re-gain focus on how the individual can change the issues at large. Critical Social Work aims to address social injustices, as opposed to focusing on individuals problems (Howe, 2009). AOP curriculum goes past one’s critical thinking skills and challenges the individual’s values and ideas at a practical level. While it is important to criticize, it is also not tangible enough, one must use our criticisms and apply them in both personal and professional lives (Howe, 2009). AOP courses teaches students how to utilize critical thinking skills by actively applying them to their social …show more content…

Because it is the silence or lack of action is the thing that perpetuates most of the oppression of racism, sexism, ableism and any other ‘ism’ in the dictionary (Carniol, 2010, p. 143). Recognizing that there is no ‘one size fits all’ definition of social justice education because then that would be confining our abilities. Acknowledging the role that education plays, that it often can shapes students thoughts, attitudes and beliefs towards world issues. Acknowledging that even one of the top twenty five university in the world plays a major in social justice

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