Jim Jones Resocialization

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Resocialization is defined by the dictionary as the process of learning new attitudes and norms required for a new social role. In essence, the members of Peoples Temple were certainly brainwashed and taught new values and beliefs that were in actuality the standards of Jim Jones. I believe Jim Jones appeared at a time where people desperately wanted to spread peace and love throughout their communities. He appeared at the lowest point of a lot of people’s lives like drug addicts and the less fortunate. Moreover, these people needed a clear path of guidance from a leader that could possibly grant them a miracle. In the words of a past member of Peoples Temple named Hue Fortson, “Jim Jones said If you see me as your father, I’ll be your father. If you see me as your god, I’ll be your …show more content…

It is quite difficult to determine this destiny. Could the congressmen and family members act faster? Yes, they could have investigated Jim Jones sooner than they did, but the members of people’s temple had already chosen their fate and I believe even if something was done it would have been difficult to cut all ties from Jim Jones when he reconstructed their mentality. As a child Jim Jones was perceived as an outsider to which I believe Jim Jones knew how minorities felt and that is why he related impeccably well to them and he leaned towards the culture of a black church. He demeaned everything his members believed in and made them think that he was the only one that could save them. Furthermore, I learned from this documentary that Jim Jones was someone that did not practice what he preached and a manipulator that had a lot of power, but I was surprised by the amount of people he had such an impact on. He nurtured and protected them when society turned them away and I recognized that is how he gained all of that power. Unfortunately, this power he had resulted in the mass suicide of nine hundred and nine people in Jonestown,

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