Society In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Introducing Huxley to the twenty first century would bring on a reaction. Huxley would be able to see some similarities and differences in the twenty first century society and the society he created in his novel, Brave New World and would be disgusted by the similarities and delighted that there is some differences. The role that technology plays in present day society is somewhat similar to the society in the novel. For example, in the novel’s society they are constantly surrounded by technology, which is similar to today with television, social media, cell phones, and reality TV. This technology shapes the opinions of our society and is a large influence in how people make decisions. The control that technology has over society in present…show more content…
Drug use is also present in both societies, whether legal or illegal. Today’s society has a large dependence on drugs including the rising rates of opioid addiction as well as more states considering the legalization of marijuana, which can be compared to the novel’s drug, soma. Another similarity in the advancement of technology is, the way that offspring are created. In the twenty first century there is in vitro-fertilization, where the egg is fertilized by the sperm outside the body in a test tube and in the novel offspring are created in bottles and are decanted, instead of born. However, in the twenty first century the embryo is inserted back into the mother or surrogate’s uterus, unlike in the brave new world. One of the major differences between the twenty first century and the brave new world is the family unit that is present in today’s society and is very important. Today’s society still values religion, family, beauty, truth, and science and that is what sets the difference between the brave new world and today. Huxley would be disgusted that the twenty first century turned out to be so alike to the brave new world and may even think that with more innovation today’s society could turn into the brave new world. However he would also be delighted to know that the twenty first century still values religion, family, beauty, science, and truth, which were not present in the brave new world and keep the
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