Society In Lord Of The Flies

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“Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand”(Karl). This quote displays the fact that society is a very hard thing to control and keep orderly, especially in a small group of people. This can be even more difficult in a dangerous situation and, in people 's panic, they may choose a leader who decides things that appear to be good at the moment, but quickly collapse afterwards. Through literature, this problem, with all of it’s potential and interest, has been fully explored. In William Golding’s exemplary novel, Lord of the Flies, the problems and difficulties of making a society are put on a small group of children who take to this in different ways. The …show more content…

Once they assemble everybody on the beach, Ralph is the first to step up and make the suggestion that they “‘Ought to have a chief that decides things’” and that it should be taken to a vote (Golding 22). Ralph tries to give the boys an early push towards a civilized society, by not letting Jack take cheif status with no question but instead standing up to him and demands it be taken to a vote. He knows that it’s important that one person, whom the boys believe will make the best choices, decides things and elevates their community without too much hesitation. This almost exactly mirrors our society and shows how one person having power and deciding things is almost the backbone any civilization. However as the novel continues this goal of a good society begins to dissipate as less is done and morals begin to crumble. This can be seen while Ralph starts to complain that even though they “‘have a lot of assemblies’” the things that they decide on “‘don’t get done’” (Golding ,72). Ralph is still trying his very best to keep the ideals of a democratic and an “adult” society upheld even though it is crumbling at the seams. The fact is that he can’t quite find a way to control the boys and get them to conform to this way of thinking which begins to set the stage to the problems that will occur. (add

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