Socrates Dialectics

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Socrates concludes his discussion on gymnastics and moves onto the subject of mathematics in book seven. Plato explains the four branches of study: mathematics, plane geometry, solid geometry and astronomy. While gymnastics and music aid in creating a harmonious soul, mathematics is meant to instill wisdom and knowledge within an individual. Socrates belief is that an individual should first study and fully understand the basics of mathematics before advancing to plane geometry, solid geometry and astronomy. Socrates believed that studying the four branches of mathematics would ensure an individual exhibited true wisdom. Mathematics required skills and discipline. If one could not muster the task of learning basic mathematics, then it was thought …show more content…

Initially, I was wondering what dialectics had to do with music, gymnastics and mathematics, but as I continued reading the book, I quickly realized the three had a correlation. Dialectics, as I mentioned earlier in the paper, is much like that of a debate. It is in place to ensure one can ask and answer questions with quality. Socrates made a point that if the students were taught well, their philosophical insights would reflect that and if not, their insights would reflect that as well. The logic behind Socrates viewpoint as dialectics being the training that requires an individual to master first music, gymnastics, and mathematics is like the logic of today. As a human in this society, we are given a series of tests that must be passed before we can advance, and this is merely what Socrates is trying to convey in his discussion. I agree that being taught well, will result in a well-rounded individual and the opposite if not taught well, but I don 't agree that every point Socrates deemed as necessary is necessary to create an ideal citizen. For example, gymnastics doesn 't determine whether an individual, in our society, is unfit as a citizen whereas Socrates believes an individual who is healthy from a medical perspective is the perfect fit for the ideal

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