Sojourner Truth Thesis Statement

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ISTORICAL CONTENT Sojourner Truth was a very strong speaker who had a very strong opinion on women's rights and equality among races. She was born into slavery but fought her way out. She spread the truth about slavery around the nation. In the 1850, slavery was a very important subject in America. The African Americans were solded in the south to plantations to help with farming. Many slaves were mistreated and through time a war arose from it. Many people disagreed with slavery and thought it was wrong. There was many individuals that stood up and fought for their freedom. Many individuals went to different states preaching and spilling the truth about slavery. INTRODUCTION TO TRUTH Sojourner Truth was born into slavery. She lived in the state of New York until she found freedom. She married a man by the name of Thomas. With Thomas she bore five children. Not all five of her children were with her. Most of her children were sold to other plantations. Sojourner was sold 4 times until she finally walked to freedom. When she became free she changed her name from Isabella to Sojourner Truth. Her goal in life was to travel the land and spread not only her religious views but the truth about slavery. She was against slavery and for women's rights. She spoke all over the nation about different topics including, “ national social movements, speaking forcefully for the abolition of slavery, women's rights and suffrage, the rights of freedom, temperance, …show more content…

This speech was about women's rights. She believed that African American woman get treated differently than American woman. She believes that this should change and that everyone should be treated equally. In this speech she uses different methods to keep the audience engaged. She adds a great deal of emotion and powerful words. She uses repetition to emphasise her

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