Why Is Phillis Wheatly Wrong

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Phillis Wheatly was an African slave in the begging of the 18th century. She was stolen from her homeland at the age of seven years old. Luckily her owners in America were very good people who couldn’t bear to treat their slaves wrongly. The Wheatlys also allowed Phillis to write to many great people. Many critics have been skeptical of Phillis for not starting a slave revolt or for not being more like Harriet Tubman. I disagree completely with such critics. Phillis did many other great things. To criticize her on her role in the colonial world is wrong because her owners were kid to her, she was busy writing great people, and because she accepted her place in life while making the most of it. The first reason why criticizing Phillis is ridiculous is because of her treatment as a slave. The Wheatlys, her owners, were devout Christians and treated their slaves well. Not only were they kind to her, the admired her intellect and taught her proper English. She also learned about God from her owners and became a firm believer in Jesus Christ. They treated Phillis like family and loved her very much. Had Phillis tried to…show more content…
She didn’t just let it go to waste though, she made the most of her life. She understood that there wasn’t much she could do to help free the slaves in good conscience. Had Phillis taken a Harriet Tubman role she would be destroying the trust between her family, who loved and cared for her dearly. Instead of destroying that trust, she did good things in other ways. She proved time and time again that slaves could learn to write and that they were just as smart as their owners. She was a bright lady who wrote amazing literature that is still read today all over the United States of America. She may have not been freeing the slaves, but she changed the way people thought of
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