Harriet Tubman's Use Of Quilts In The Underground Railroad

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Harriet Tubman “Moses” is an abolitionist who helped hundreds of runaway slaves escape to freedom using the Underground Railroad. She was born into slavery and learned form a young age that she didn’t want to be a slave anymore. When she had gotten older she decided to run away and she succeeded. But she didn’t feel right knowing she was free but her parents weren’t, so she risked her life and went back to her old plantation to get her parents and bring them to where she stayed which was in Philadelphia. As she got older she helped more and more people escape slavery and by the age of 92 she had helped about 300 people escape slavery. She settled in New York to have a calm life but suddenly died at the age of 93 in the year of 1913. Quilts were used in the Underground Railroad to give slaves messages on where to go. There are several designs of quilts that all have different meanings. For example there is a quilt that has a message telling the slaves to be mentally and physically ready to be a runaway slave. Candles were used in the Underground Railroad to resemble that there was a safe house near you. If a candle was in your window sill then that meant that the house is a safe house for runaway slaves. …show more content…

These conductors told slaves where to go to reach the North(freedom). Safe houses were also used in the process when it came to being a runaway slave. Kind people who were against slavery would help runaway slaves by allowing them to stay at their house until it was safe to travel to freedom. These were called Safe

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