Solitary Confinement In The Movie Brronson

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The movie Bronson is a really good example of how prison is for some inmates. There are a lot of prisoners that feel that prison is home for them. They make a living of it and sometimes they refuse to be free and experience real life. Prison can be an escape from their problems and they find a way to work and be recognize during their time on the institution. Prison can have benefits from some prisoners, because they learn skills that can help them to find a job after they are done with their time. Bronson is a really good movie that has concepts that are discuss on the correctional theory class. Bronson is a very famous prisoner in Britain because of his violent acts. During the movie it shows different faces and concepts that describe most…show more content…
The first term that applies to him is solitary confinement. During his time in prison, Bronson is the most famous prisoner in Britain. As the movie mentioned, he has spent thirty-four years in prison, thirty of them in solitary confinement. As the book explains, solitary confinement is a form of imprisonment in which an inmate is isolated from any human contact. The book also explains that “the most severe sanction by a disciplinary committee is confinement in administrative segregation (sometimes called “solitary confinement”) (pg.214). Bronson is a very violent inmate, he has spent most of the time in prison in solitary confinement, because he is causing fights with the inmate and also with the guards. This is an example of solitary confinement, because Charles Bronson is a very violent criminal that was causing fights, and he scared the guards. During the movie, he was trying to kill people, fight with the guards, and to hurt anybody that was around him. This is a very good example of solitary confinement, because he was segregate for the most part and hand cuff. He is a danger to the people around him that is why the concept of solitary
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