Song Analysis: Hispanic Heritage Month

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When I was little my mom introduced me to bands like Mana, artists like Romeo Santos, or Selena Quintanilla she would listen to, when she was growing up. All I can remember is I liked the beat even though I could not understand it. Though none that meant anything to me as long as my mom was pleased with me listening to the music. Though as I grew saw the impact the music had on American culture and it made me happy. Zachary Stieber states that, “Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates a growing segment of the American population and culture. Today, there is more Hispanics in the United States than there is in Spain. Mexico and Colombia are the only nations with larger Hispanic populations than the U.S (Stieber).” When looking back at this quote …show more content…

Many people debate whether they should do this to our beloved National Anthem. They only have a problem with the language and not the actual lyrics. This version of the Star Spangled Banner connected the barriers between politics and culture. Even though, there is a lot of protest to this song, it brought the Latino community (SANNEH). “Nuestro Himno” is the name of our National Anthem in Spanish. This version of this song is more of a protest song. This song is a cultural artifact but it is also an oath (political statement) that Hispanics make when entering this country. This song has different meaning for anyone that hears it. The song is a symbol of hope for most immigrant trying to get into this country (SANNEH). If you really get this article, people will see this and will understand that they should not discourage Nuestro Himno. This song makes Hispanic feel like there are a part of the American community. This song is the Hispanic way of having their own sense of America pride. It is their own national anthem that makes feel proud to be an …show more content…

Their view of patriotism is that American traditions should be withheld and should never change (Chimp). Some believe having foreigners in this country will ruin our perception of the American Dream (Rodriguez). These people view emigrants as the end of American as we know it. Even Though this patriotism is extreme, Sebastian an eleven year old, now a return to those that want to hold on to American tradition and reject different cultural spin-offs. Ignorant racist people view Sebastian De La Cruz and others like him as problematic and view them terrorists trying to take American jobs by reaching for their careers in music (Rodriguez). Sebastien De La Cruz an 11-year-old boy rendition of the National Anthem spurred racist’s comments all over the internet. He commented, “Though for Sebastien, he said the racist comments have not fazed him. I’m a proud American and live in a free country. It 's not hurting me. It 's just your opinion (Rodriguez).”
As can be seen, Hispanics dramatically have a big impact on American culture. They are innovating news ways to view different style that show their ancestry. From West Side Story to Selena Quintanilla Latinos keep coming up with more cultural icon. Even though, there are a lot of people trying to create different obstacle for Hispanics to pursue their dreams with their prejudices. They still manage to preserve even with the odds

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