Sound Used In The Movie Up

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Silence may be deafening, however, the right use of sound and music can create a difference in setting the tone and creating a beautiful film. A notable example of sound and music creating this beauty can be found in Pete Docter’s movie, Up from 2009. In the montage from Docter’s Up (2009), sound and music are used effectively to develop mood through the use of musical score as well as sound mixing. To begin, the mood is reinforced through Docter’s efficacious use of musical score. In the film Up, there is a scene that shows Ellie (Carl’s wife) in a hospital, laying in a bed, in this scene the intentional mood is melancholy (Up 3:33-4:00). The musical score from this scene in the montage creates a melancholic mood by augmenting the emotional …show more content…

As Ellie lies in the hospital bed while grasping Carl’s hand, the pace of the song decelerates, demonstrating the somber feeling between both characters, and enriching the emotional impact of the scene. In the musical score during this scene, the song returns to the original chorus and the melody increases twice and then decreases. Along with the smiles of the couple, the arpeggio of the melody helps show the reminiscence of their marriage and their gratitude for one another. The deceleration of the pace and the arpeggio aspects of the musical score collaborate to convey the melancholic mood of the scene by enhancing the sadness of the scene while hinting at gratitude and joy between the characters in the heartbreaking scene. Through the use of sound and music, the musical score can demonstrate the mood of the montage. In addition, sound and music also successfully develop the mood of the montage through sound mixing. During the montage of Carl and Ellie’s married life, after Ellie’s miscarriage, there is a scene showing Carl and Ellie depositing coins into a jar which helps demonstrate the optimistic mood of the

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