What Is Ricky Relationship In The Hunt Of The Wilderpeople

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The film Hunt of the Wilderpeople, directed by Taika Waititi, expresses that relationships can impact your characters in many ways. Understanding the main protagonist Ricky is something that a lot of people can do easily, for they could have something to relate to. His sarcasm and the way of how he is always getting into trouble and pulling the people around him into the mess. Rick was a rebellious boy in the beginning. That hasn't changed, but it's more controlled. His relationship between Hec and Aunt Bella, bettered Ricky the way he also bettered Bella and Hec. From the beginning to the end, we witness a bond forming between Ricky and his uncle Hec. Ricky had a record of getting in trouble and bouncing around the foster system. And Hec was this loner whom no one understood. Aunt Bella took care of both of them; to a point, she and …show more content…

With nearly every other scene having some in the background. And how the film used this to its advantage to better show the theme is very sneaky. Ricky has had a hard life, and he's not even twenty. He has had his moments in the past where he's broken more than a few laws. And it was clear that the boy did not want to return to the system after Aunt Bella died, and Paula (his officer/caretaker) was coming to take him back. He ran away constantly before that but leveled it down when he felt Aunt Bella's love smothering him (In a comforting way). Whenever Ricky does something that will probably harm others, he doesn't think. And the music that comes after that shows it. Like when he ran to the bush after burning down his uncle’s shed, it gave anticipation. But for more sad scenes, it gave you somber music. When Ricky first arrives to meet his foster parents, it plays music. This music makes you jump in your seat and takes your attention straight away. Similar scenes have similar musical numbers that capture what Ricky is feeling in the moment and what feelings the scenes bring to the

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