The Long Day Close Mise En Scene

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Terence Davies film, “The Long Day Closes” portrays the life of a young homosexual boy living in a postwar society. The main protagonist Bud, represents Davies experience of the good and troubled times that childhood and his sexuality brought him. The Tammy’s in Love scene flawlessly applies mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound to depict the underlying message of finding yourself, a theme that is emphasized throughout the film.

The use of mise-en-scene signifies the importance of the setting and surroundings by allowing the viewer to make connections between imagery and plot relevance. As he begins to swing on the metal bar, the scene starts to show aspects of his life through an all-seeing lens. The dark lighting and projector light insinuates that the viewer is looking down at a theatre full of people. A place that Bud constantly uses to escape from his hardships, even if it is only for a couple hours. A church filled with well-dressed people kneeling while the blood of Christ is raised by the priest, depicting the importance of a …show more content…

As Bud begins to swing, the song “Tammy’s in love” begins to play. The female singers love song accentuates the warmth that Bud is feeling when he is reminiscing about the things in life that he enjoys. While the song is non-diegetic, there is still diegetic sounds such as the church bells, children laughing, and the teacher talking to the students. These types of sounds give you more depth about the situations that he is referring too. When the church bells are ringing, notifying the people to kneel as the blood of Christ is risen, this reflects on people’s commitment to a higher power. Children laughing showing the happiness that is supposed to occur in youth. Even the lack of sound in the movie theatre gives you the impression of contentedness as the crowd watches a film. All these sounds add emotional depth to the scene that cinematography

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