How To Follow Similar Structures In Hunt For The Wilderpeople

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How may contrasting stories undergo or follow similar structures? In the film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” - directed by Taika Waititi, each character experiences an immense amount of growth and development. The role of the protagonist is somewhat shared between Ricky (played by Julian Dennison) and Hector (played by Sam Neill). By being presented with, and overcoming obstacles, it is evident that a certain path is being followed in this story. The film presented clearly conforms to each phase of the story circle.

The film “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” seems to follow the structure of the story circle. The story circle is composed of eight clear phases. These phases are; you, need, go, search, find, take, return, and finally, change. These …show more content…

This phase, forms a conflict for the need or goal. In this case, that obstacle is Bella’s death. This causes pain for both Hector and Ricky. This is somewhat displayed in the shared awkwardness between the two, as they have not yet formed a bond. The next phase is ‘search’. This stage contains a failed attempt at solving the third phase, or solving the main ‘problem’. When Hector informs Ricky that child welfare must take him from his new home, Ricky devises a plan. He is not yet ready to leave his new life behind. In order to exit the clutches of the foster care system that he had just escaped, Ricky decides that he must fake his death and escape from Hector’s care. To confirm that no one is aware of his mission, or his whereabouts, Ricky burns down his ‘uncles’ barn, which inevitably acts as a clue for child welfare. During this process, he bears Bella’s ashes, and flees to the forest. This causes Hector to go out searching for Ricky, to ensure he is safe, and may return to child protective services. Once Hector has found Ricky, he suffers a foot injury that prohibits them from leaving the bush for multiple weeks. They stand together throughout various obstacles, which somewhat produces a new bond between the …show more content…

This phase is named “find”, it addresses what seems like a solution, whilst problems still remain. Ricky still holds Bella’s ashes, and so Hector and Ricky are able to take the time to spread her ashes, together, and in the bush. Like she had wanted. This creates a special moment for the two, and strengthens their bond. They remain on the run, working together. The next stage is ‘take’. This phase reacts to the main tension or conflict. Almost like a response to the protagonists. Hector and Ricky meet a man named Sam. Who refers to himself as ‘Psycho Sam’. He lives within the bush, and provides them with a place to stay. After a brief stay with Sam, Ricky senses danger and warns his uncle. Child welfare, as well as the police have found Ricky and Hec. They have been “caught”. Although it seems that way, the two are able to escape with the help of “Psycho Sam”. The film seems to shift and take on the role of an intense action movie. Ricky drives, and Hector is the passenger. They travel through the bush and we are shown through various wide shots that the two are being heavily followed. Once met with a dead end Hector and Ricky are forced to hide within a junkyard. This is when the police catch up. Ricky attempts to assure Hector that they will exit this situation together, and all will be well. Hector seems unsure and opposes Ricky's idea.

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