Rhetorical Analysis: How We Family

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How We Family For 60 Years, the makers of Tylenol have been helping care for generations. This past summer Tylenol set forth a campaign about a larger message other than selling their product. As seen on networks such as abc and cbs the advertisement “How we family,” Tylenol, sells the idea that all are different and that all should be accepted. In this commercial many types of families are repented such as multiracial, same sex, ethnic, and many others. When the ad was released it became a topic of controversy because of the representations of such diverse relations. The advertisements character, values, and logic appeal to the younger generations of families who are more accepting of differences. Tylenol changing as society does makes this …show more content…

As stated earlier Susan Sarandon is the narrator of the commercial. She is recognized for playing multiple rolls as a matriarchy figure in films such as “Stepmom”. Sarandon status as a celebrity adds to the ethos as well as the pathos of this advertisement. Her warm, soft toned, and clear voice constructs the audience to feel sense of trust toward her and the product being sold. There is a point in the ad where Sarandon puts an emphasis on the word “Fight.” This creates a sense of awareness, which makes the viewer realize that family is all about love and that you are willing to do anything, no matter what, for the ones you love. The pathos continued in the music selection for the ad in just thirty-second you are sent on an emotion roller coaster. The music began soft and up beat and then in the middle of it becomes darker and more serious and towards the end returns to soft and up beat. The sensation of the up beat music in the beginning gives off the feeling of joy and then it turns dark and then the view begins to feel all the pain involved with life struggles. The ad however does not end with this feeling to turns back to the soft light feelings we felt in the beginning but this time new ones like hope for the future and proud. Proud in the sense that you or your loved ones have gone through ups and downs but will forever be confident and

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