Spanish Relationship With Native Americans

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Europe, such as Spain, France, and England, have had different language, culture, political system, religion and more, which they developed by themselves in their civilization. In the late 1400s to 1500s, Europeans started the colonization and economic competitions each other between countries to get more assets since their resources and lands were limited and not enough. At that time, Spaniards and French had the same purpose for exploring the New World such as pursuing wealth, winning the economic competition, but they approached to Native Americans in different ways. The difference between these two countries when they encounter with Indians was the relationship with Native Americans.
Spanish and Christopher Columbus were too absorbed on finding golds and slaves to make a thriving trade when Spain discovered the new land and met Native Americans. The thing started when the Arawak gave Spaniards the golden mask as the gift of welcome and appreciation, and Spanish asked where the gold can be found. Since they prioritized finding gold which has high value in the world, they treated Indians as not humans but …show more content…

Although France had fallen behind on their exploration to New World where is called America due to reaching out from wrong direction, French also arrived at America after Columbus discovered the new land. Their point of view was trading not colonizing. Since French realized early that a peaceful relationship with Indians is better to make a profit on trade, they adopted Native American’s cultures and customs with respect. Instead of purchasing furs from Indians, French sold guns that which had high demand for Indian to use for wars with other native tribes. Also, Native Americans showed French where the animals which used for furs can be hunted, and these furs became the primary economic motive for exploring in France. Consequently, French made friends with Native

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