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shing machine Page 8 CHAPTER :- 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION :- In generally a manual spreading machine of the fertilizer in the farm , some of the problem of uneven spreading of the fertilizers (wrong amount) which may result in the crop damage. more over the conventional spreading of fertilizer by hand in a farm is more time consuming method and require more human effort. Developing the fertilizer splashing machine is a new concept specially meant to reduce the work time and uneven spreading. Therefore, we have designed the fertilizer splashing machine to reduce the total work done and reduce uneven spreading and also reduced time for spreading Aim of designing this fertilizer splashing machine is to spread even fertilizer and reduce work done. Solid…show more content…
They add that the factors affecting the distribution pattern could be classified into groups as follows: Sankalchand Patel college of engineering , visnagar . Design and fabrication of fertilizer splashing machine Page 11 2.2.1. Physical and mechanical properties of fertilizer: Physical and mechanical properties of fertilizer such as particle diameter, shape, density, friction coefficient and moisture content are important factors in determining the distribution uniformity. Reints and Yoerger (1967) showed that improving the uniformity of the distribution pattern of a broadcaster distributor is obtained by selecting the appropriate particle-diameter gradient. Reed and Wacker (1970) reported that bulk density and particle size have a significant effect on width and shape of the distribution pattern. Bhushan (1981) reported that high normal pressures and high sliding speeds can result in high interface (flash) temperatures that can significantly reduce the strength of most materials. He added that in some cases, localized surface melting reduces shear strength and friction drops to

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