Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting The Driver

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Cliabdana Sainvil Assignment: Module 04 Reflection Journal (Module 3 and 4) Copy and paste the questions into the student comments section. Read the questions thoroughly. Answer the questions in a full and complete manner. Use complete sentences, including proper spelling and grammar. When you are ready to turn in your assignment, add a check mark to the Submit for Grading box and then select Submit. Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please define six (6) of the following terms in your own words. Please do not just copy and paste the definition. 1. Gravity- Newton’s law of gravity states that everything that goes up must come down. Gravity causes the mass of our body or objects to be pulled towards the earth. 2. Inertia- Inertia is a force that stays in the state of rest or unchanged unless a greater external force acts on it. …show more content…

Potential Energy- Potential energy is stored energy. 4. Kinetic Energy- Kinetic energy is energy in motion. 5. Friction- Friction is the resistance of an object against a surface. (ex. Unexpectantly pressing on the brakes of your car) 6. Traction- Traction is the grip a tire has on a road or track. 7. Centrifugal Force- Centrifugal force is a natural law that helps a car to safely come out of a curve and into a straight path or road. 8. Centripetal Force- Centripetal force means center seeking force it is necessary for your car to move in a circular motion. 9. Deceleration- Deceleration is the slowing down of an object. Decreasing the amount of speed used. 10. Force of impact- Force of impact is basically a collision using two factors, speed and force. Module 4: Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings 1. Explain the purpose of the following A. The difference between solid and broken lines is: 1. You are not allowed to cross a solid white line.

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