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The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre On February 14th, 1929, five of Al Capone’s gangsters murdered seven of George (bugs) Moran’s henchmen, this was called the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. In the longtime rivalry between Al Capone and Bugs Moran, Al finally got the upper hand by brutally murdering Moran’s henchmen. The feud between Capone and Moran, the battle of Prohibition and the aftermath of the massacre all consisted in the notorious St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. The feud between Al and Bugs started in 1925 when Capone took the lead of his South Side gang. They battled for years over their control of liquor in speakeasies and making more money than the other. Eventually, their rivalry inflated and 7 of Moran's men died by 5 of Capone's men dressed as police officers. Capone's men were armed with tommy guns and shotguns and the real police officers found 80 bullets on the ground in the garage.”They crumpled and fell, shot thru by dozens of bullets. Frank Gusenberg(Morans Henchman) died in a hospital a short time later, his …show more content…

Valentine’s Day massacre Capone fled the city in fear of Moran trying to get revenge for the murder of his men. When Moran was questioned about the killing he answered, “Only Capone can kill like that!” But somehow Capone still got away with no charges and no jail time. The massacre astounded everyone and made them realize how brutal gang warfare really is. When people heard about this killing they all wanted Capone in jail even President Hoover wanted him there but it took a long time. Eventually, the government caught him for nothing other than some tax issues he wasn’t paying then he ended up doing 11 years in jail. With Moran’s men gone he was left unprotected and had to fend for himself and he successfully did and he eventually died of old age. “The flare of machine gun and shotgun fire directed at the seven men lined against the brick wall of a North Side beer truck garage left Moran virtually unprotected”(No

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