Stanley Pearce's Motivation

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Motivation, a reason that can drive someone to go on mission. But there Someone 's motivation can range from all sort of things such as Farah Ahmedi 's cause which is to escape a warn torn city safely with her mom, Stanley Pearce 's reason is to strike it rich in the gold mines, and Walt 's being to save Loren 's soon to be claim from robbers. In this article you will learn what can motivate a person to go on a mission or achieve something. Let’s look at Stanley Pearce 's motivation first.

Stanley Pearce

In the story Call of The Klondike on July 17, 1897, Stanley Pearce saw sixty-eight rugged miners come off of the S.S. Portland steamship. Pearce said the following to describe the scene “Thousands of people in the public square watched the …show more content…

With Stanley Pearce determined to strike it rich he joined a stampede to go stake a claim and see if he could strike it rich. Although we do not see if he does strike it rich, we can see something and that is that he is determined to strike it rich.

Farah Ahmedi

Unlike Stanley Pearce, Farah Ahmedi gets a prosthetic leg after stepping on a land mine when she was seven years old, but even with that new leg made of metal she could still overcome challenges and complete her mission. In the story of The Other Side of The Sky we find out by …show more content…

But unlike Stanley Pearce, Walt has to protect a neighbor 's about to be claim from robbers. In the story The King of Mazy May we see that Walt is a brave, responsible teen that encounters robbers and has to try to stop them from stealing Loren’s about to be claim. While the claim jumpers are inspecting Loren 's claim, Walt decides to take their best dogs and create a distraction, so Loren can claim the piece of land that he has found gold on before the claim jumpers can. After he takes their dogs the claim jumpers notice and get the rest of their dogs ready to begin the chase after Walt. Once the chase has begun Walt realizes that he has chosen the wrong lead dog, so the claim jumpers begin to catch up. At first the claim jumpers just yell to Walt " 'Halt! ' they cried after him. ‘Stop, or we 'll shoot! ' ", but he didn 't listen to them so he kept going on so then they decided to start shooting at him and the text describes it like this "After several hours of this, during which, perhaps, a score of bullets had struck about him, their ammunition began to give out and their fire slackened’ ‘several hours that have passed by he left them like a tiny speck behind him. Although the text doesn 't say that Loren claims the land, we can probably infer that he did claim the land. Here we can see a cause of why Walt has gone on a mission, and that is to make sure that Loren claims the piece of

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