Star Wars Movie Analysis

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10 Inspiring Life Lessons of The Amazing Star Wars Movie

Star Wars is a kind of science fiction movie that lately have won the hearts of fans around the world. In fact, this movie has managed to beat the record of pre-sale tickets and it has now been able to provide significant traces for Hollywood movies, as well as add value or ranking for science fiction movie industry. That 's because the story in this movie is very interesting, plus the animation is so amazing. Then, is it enough just up there? Of course not, besides attractive there are certainly inspiring life lessons from Star Wars movie.

Its final episode The Force Awaken has become a historical record as a movie with the highest revenue in the first day of the delivery of US $ …show more content…

But, do you realize that there are a lot of inspiring life lessons that you can learn from this movie? Consider my review below, check this out!

1. In life there are good and evil
In life everything is in pairs, as well as good and evil. In every creature certainly has a good and bad side, the problem is just how we won one of the side.
2. The best thing in life is try to always be good
Being good is not an easy thing, but being good is a choice. Actually, in this life we are born to be an agent of goodness. For that we should be able to distinguish what is good and what is bad, but somehow many people have strayed from the goal of their life.
3. Do not ask others to sacrifice their family
As we know, the family is an important part of a person, if you ask someone to sacrifice their family members, of course it is foolish. Like Darth Vader who was ordered by the Emperor to kill his son, he then turn to kill …show more content…

Too much debt can undermine financial condition
There is no harm if occasionally we owe, but if too often, then your finances will be damaged, as those who owes galactic gangsters.
8. Do not risk the future
In the Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace, there was a scene where Qui Gon Jinn bet with Watoo to release Anakin Skywalker. Jinn win if he asks Anakin freed, otherwise if Jinn loses, he will give his space ship.
After Anakin managed to win the race, Watto said "You deceive Me, I lost everything". Jinn reply: "Whenever you bet, in fact you 've already lost."
9. Little by little over time will become a big
Many people put off investing. Whereas the early start investing small amounts, if done consistently can generate huge profits!
10. Choose the right teacher
From all episodes of Star Wars, we see a lot of scenes of the exercise, learning and mentorship. Choosing the right teacher is needed to get a proper lesson, proper goal.

Thus, not only the story that makes us all amazed, we can also get inspiring life lessons from Star Wars movie. Where, we are not supposed to just watch a movie, we are also supposed to get a valuable lesson from the movie we

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