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Neil Gaiman creates a suspense, romantic and peaceful movie which surprises you throughout each scene. An important theme in the film Stardust is the quest for love that tests his ability to love and his courage in facing those who are enslaved to power. This leads Tristan on an adventure to find the star and prove his love to Victoria, but instead he falls in love with the star, Yvaine. In the movie the Caption in the cloud was Tristan 's guide while in the book the hairy man was his guide. The hairy man and the captain are fundamental to both the book and film on the grounds that without them it would have been significantly more troublesome for Tristan to make it all through his excursion.The captain in the movie is Tristan and Yvaine guide…show more content…
When Tristan and Yvaine gets kidnapped they were captured by the captain, who helped them escape. He captured them and was acting as host to the two hitchhikers after Tristan had stated that he was from England. He promised to drop the two off near the wall as soon as possible. He helps Tristan release his love for Yvaine. The captain is the reason why Tristran and Yvaine were able to escape the other side of the wall. WIthout the captain 's help they wouldn 't be able to escape the evil witch. The captain was not a symbol of wisdom for Tristran, instead he symbolized strength for…show more content…
The hairy man initially provided Tristran with the tools and help that he needed to complete his journey to the star. The hairy man did not precisely lead Tristran to the star, but the tools that he gave to Tristran inferred that he was guiding him discursively. The hairy man was calm with his approach on the topic of whether Tristran should be doing so much for Victoria or not. The advice that the hairy man provided to Tristan about whether Victoria loved him or not served mainly to foreshadow that the two would not be together in the end. In the film, the star tried to make Tristran believe that Victoria was not in love with him because she had a boyfriend already, Humphrey, who she married in the end. The hairy man did not believe Tristran should be traveling so far for someone who does not really like him, he did not tell Tristan directly because he did not want to show tristran any further possible though because he wanted him to experience true love for himself, not by others help. Neil included the character, hairy man to obtain the reason why Tristran was able to obtain comfort at the end his

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