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"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."-Muhammad Ali. In my book, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher this quote is perfect. This is about a girl who was burned when she was younger. Everyone thinks the burns are from a pot of spaghetti but only a selected few know that her dad actually did it. Sarah is so scared of her dad that she is staying in a hospital and is refusing to talk. Eric Calhoune knows the true identity if the burns and refuses to stay on the sideline. Him, his friend and his teacher get Sarah Byrnes out of the hospital to look for her mom. But Sarah's crazy dad, Virgil knows something up. After it all Virgil gets caught and Sarah lives happily with Mrs Lemry. My thesis is "who shows courage in Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes?" My …show more content…

He was the main character and displayed so much courage. It was very hard to narrow down by quotes but I went with these. "I'm not telling you. Mr Mautz, this man has threatened me to my face and over the telephone. You don't have any idea what he is capable of doing. But I do, and he knows I do. I do Mr. Byrnes. And if something happens to me everyone will know. I don't know how you fooled Mr. Mautz, but I'll bet it wasn't hard. I'm not fooled though. And what you better do is leave me alone and leave Sarah Byrnes alone and hope we keep our mouths shut. She's not coming back to you place. Ever." Pg. 173-174 To me this quote is very important because he is deathly afraid of Mautz and Virgil but he stands up to them because he doesn't want to expose Sarah. My second quote is “ The letter was clear:shaky as I was, I was her only friend. I'd rather have her hate my guts and be safe than love me and by alone. I handed Lemry the note. This is very courageous because he knows that Lemry could tell anyone but he knows that she is the only one that can help find her mom. So Eric, in my opinion showed the most courage in the

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