The Long Walk Home Character Analysis

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The movie “ The long walk Home ” provided the viewer with multiple major characters that seemed to be courageous, like Odessa who stood up for herself in the face of a white dominated society. Although, as courageous as Odessa was, she did fail to outmatch Miriam as the most courageous character in the movie because Miriam was able to not only defend herself but defend others as well, she also breaks stereotypical ideas of woman in 1955, as well as remain unfearful throughout the movie.
For example, as explained before Miriam Thompson broke through stereotypical ideas that were held over woman. These stereotypical ideas were that a woman should stay home, take care of the kids, clean up, as well as treat her husband well by making him breakfast and tending to him after a long day of work. Miriam Thompson did fall under this stereotype in the beginning of the movie, as shown when she would prepare meals for the family and make sure she looked acceptable when she presented herself to her husband, and tended to his needs after work. Towards the middle of the movie Miriam does something rather unusual in the eyes of average americans and that was when she began to give Odessa rides to her house. Immediately the viewer can notice some character development here because Miriam is …show more content…

It takes a lot of courage to participate in something knowing that things might get complicated, and that 's just what happened, Miriam must have been scared out of her mind when the group, and herself were pushed to a corner. Although the group unified, and began to hold hands, and sing to provide a feeling of confidence, and power within themselves, Miriam was always exposed to a very dangerous situation that she could have avoided if she had decided to not take action and not support what she believed to be

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