Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes Theme Of Courage

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Courage is something everyone knows about, people think that courage can be easy. Truth is not everyone has courage or can be courageous, it's something not everyone is capable of. Having courage is being able to stand up for yourself and others, facing your fear, and doing what's right even when it's hard. In the book “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes” by Chris Crutcher, there are so many characters that show courage throughout this book. There are probably four characters that show lot of courage, Eric, Sarah, Jody, and Brittain. All these characters show courage that most people probably aren't capable of. You can clearly see how all of these people change throughout this book. One of the characters who had so much courage …show more content…

She starts off the book by being Brittains girlfriend and I didn't like her because she did exactly what her boyfriend did and didn't have a single idea or opinion of her own. Her first act of courage was when she decided she wanted to start dating Eric. I thought this showed courage because Eric and Brittain were biggest enemies and her choosing Eric would obviously make Brittain very mad and she probably was scared he would do something to her but she just chose with her heart no matter the consequences. Also the other courageous act she did is when she stood up in front of her whole class and told them she got abortion. “ “Shut up!” She turns to the rest of the class. “Man is known by his works. I've heard that out of Mark Britain's mouth so many times I thought he made it up. Well let me tell you about Mark Brittains works. A little less than a year ago, I had a six-week old fetus inside me. ” (Crutcher 210). It takes a lot of courage to tell people one of your biggest secrets like that in front of so many people, especially at a age where you care so much about how people see you or how they think of …show more content…

I really hated how he always had to bring god into his arguments because it makes the arguments unfair in a way. When Jody embarrassed him in front of his whole class by telling the truth about the abortion he showed no courage because he just denied it and called her a liar, he was embarrassed and scared. He later tried to kill himself and blamed others for why he did it even though it was all him and it was kind of like the easy way out. But finally towards the end when he was able to go to school again he told the truth about what happened with Jody and he wanted to change and become a better person. It takes real courage to stand in front of everyone and tell them your biggest mistake of your life especially after you make such a big deal about how man is known for his work and abortion is a sin. Also it takes a lot to try to change yourself and your actions because it can be so hard to change but he's still willing to do it all. I may not like it but that had to take a lot of courage to do. If the book was longer and showed us the person he changed to be I believe I would like his character

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