Stepmom Legacy Of The Family

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Movie Family Assessment
Jaspreet Bal
Professor Gladys Maryol RN MHA
Legacy of the Family
May 26, 2018

Family Movie Assessment: Stepmom
Stepmom is a family movie which revolves around two strong women but of different personalities (Columbus, 1998). This movie is based on a novel written by Gigi Levangie. In this divorce drama, it is shown esthetically how two conflicting persons forget their differences and become close for the sake of their families. Susan Sarandon was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Jackie.
Movie setting and story
In this movie, it is shown how a family struggles to raise two children after divorce. Jackie Harrison is a former publisher …show more content…

The movie Stepmom is in some ways about how divorce changes the environment of the family. Jackie believes Isabel is responsible for her divorce. Under the influence of Jackie’s beliefs, the children also feel the same about Isabel destroying their parent’s marriage. Isabel is a total stranger to Jackie and the children while they try to adjust to their new environment and way of life. So in the movie, divorce is a factor that is tearing the family apart and leads to a toxic environment while affecting the mental health of each …show more content…

Family competence is a measure of the performance of necessary tasks or organization, negotiation, coordination, autonomy, power and coalition. In Stepmom, Jackie has the power over the children and partial autonomy but failed to establish a good coalition with Isabel. Luke does not seem to be performing fatherly functions but rather as an advisor. He tries to make coordination with Jackie, Isabel and the children. Isabel tries to fit into the role of stepmom. Initially, she does not have coalition and power with the children. But with her skillful negotiations, she wins over the children. After Jackie’s health deteriorates, the whole family tries to come together.
Summary and Conclusion This movie is able to show how divorce affects families. Jackie and Isabel are two independent strong women who view life from very different perspectives. Divorce and then sickness makes Jackie’s life difficult. She fears that her children will forget her. At the same time, Isabel tries to adjust into her new role as a stepmother. Jackie finally realizes that her children need someone once she is gone. She makes peace with Isabel and the children’s attitudes also change. At the end of the movie, they were all clicking family

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