Stereotypes In American Film: Aibileen

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Aibileen, as the brightest representation of Mammy stereotype, conforms with the stereotype’s generally recognized behavior. In accordance with the popular description of Mammy stereotype, Aibileen is very kind and accommodating. In the movie she is in love with the white girl, the mistresses’ daughter, as with her own child, which is considered as the best she can do. Despite the austerity of her mistress, she never gets angry and agrees with all the conditions she is put in, that is when she is asked to use separate bathroom just because of her skin color. Moreover, her dedication to the white family could be seen from her relationship with Mae, the little girl. She calls Aibileen ‘my real mom’ because in accordance with the stereotype, Aibileen, is very caring and maternal, even replacing girl’s mother.
It seems, that the character has nothing negative implied in it, and that it may not have any negative influences. However, Mammy’s character is proved to innately incorporate into American history and even to be taken as granted (Kowalski). Modern films that continuously portray this stereotype, such as ‘The Help’, in turn ‘reveals a contemporary nostalgia for the days when a black woman could only hope to clean the White House rather than reside in it’, as Association of Black Women Historians believes (Association of Black Women Historians). Furthermore, black women could be innately underestimated, which in turn may affect younger generations. Continuous portrayal of

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