Stereotypes In Australia Day Barbeque And Farming Family

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Stereotypes have helped to build Australia’s identity, some true and some false. Different images such as Text One: “Australia Day Barbeque” and Text Two: “Farming Family” provide representations of Australian identity however they are different in how they represent Australia. There are some similarities, for example in both texts a sense of togetherness is present. When comparing both texts the Australian identity is represented with similar attitudes, values and beliefs, the pictures also reinforce particular stereotypes. These images also portray a side of the Australian culture that is privileged rather than those who are marginalised.

The “Australia Day Barbeque” and “Farming Family” illustrate similar attitudes, values and beliefs. The most apparent similarities between the texts are that Australians value family and mateship. The attitude displayed is happiness and togetherness. While togetherness is evident in both texts, it is likely that “Text One” is with mates because of the amount of meat on the barbeque. In suburban areas most Australians typically spend Australia Day with friends. Whereas those Australians in rural areas spend it with family due to the lack of easy access to friends. “Text One” shows that Australians are proud of their nationality, as one of the males is wearing a hat which has the Australian Flag on the front. A belief shown in “Text Two” is that …show more content…

Generalised assumptions about Australia being a drinking nation is prominent in “Text One” as it can be seen one of the men is holding a beer. In contrast the “Farming Family” focuses on family and hard working farmers. In both cases a stereotypical feel of relaxation and casualness is present. This is shown by the casual clothing that the people are wearing, the kids have no shoes on and both texts are in an outdoor environment. It is evident the stereotypes of a causal lifestyle is being reinforced in the

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