'Advance Australia, Fair !' By Tristan Fairchild

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An opposing piece to this, entitled ‘Advance Australia, fair!’ by Tristan Fairchild was published. In his piece, Fairchild uses his experience as a cultural liaison supervisor to persuade his audience that changing the date of Australia day can only be a good thing. Fairchild employed a authoritative and passionate tone to reason that celebrating a day that is viewed as an invasion is un-Australian and that we should rather be celebrating a rich and extensive culture. Joined to this article was a picture of an Aboriginal flag being raised, rather than the British flag, at Botany Bay by James Cook.

Fairchild opened his piece with a play on the wording of the national anthem, using ‘Advance Australia, fair!’ to highlight the irony of how Australians were acting in a manner distinctly unfair to Indigenous Australians. He then moved to use a personal anecdote about his experience as a social worker to inspire feelings of trust in his audience, as a social worker is generally deemed as a person who is working for the greater good of society. His specific work with the Wurundjeri people also helps to establish him as an expert in the matter, and positions the readers to feel that he is not simply another person with a loud opinion. Fairchild’s use of alliteration with ‘boozy, back-slapping fest’ also makes a play on stereotypes, in specific, on Australia’s drinking culture. This encourages the readers to distance themselves from being one of those people, thus distancing

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