Story Of Tom Brennan Analysis

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The Brennans were a fairly well like family in Mumbilli. That was up until Daniel, the eldest son, crashed his car under the influence of alcohol that killed two of his friends and rendered his cousin Fin a quadriplegic. The Story of Tom Brennan follows the lives of Daniel’s family after the incident and the amount of pain and suffering they went through. The story has a heavy focus on Daniel’s younger brother and year eleven student Tom and his life with all of the torment and pain. “Everything we do in life affects others.” (pg 131) Daniel’s actions on the night of the crashed changed the lives of his family forever.

Tom faired the worse after the crash even though he wasn 't directly involved and wasn 't physically injured. He suffered …show more content…

He also got charged with fine years imprisonment with a minimum of three years without parol. It was extremely hard for him to cope with the pain. In some ways being sent to a correctional facility may very well have been better for him than being at home seeing his family as they were, but at the same time every second he was awake he was reminded of the night because he was living in a prison surrounded by other criminals. Daniel had to live the rest of his life with the debt he got himself in to on the night of August 27th. “Daniel, his card moods, his jealous rages, his long periods of brooding and his complete lack of accountability: he took so much from so many.” (pg 272)

Overall, The Story of Tom Brennan is a novel about pain and suffering and virtually every main character in it feels some degree of it. Some feel it more than others. Tom suffered tremendously and more than anyone else even when compared to Fin or Daniel, even though Fin was irreversibly harmed physically and Daniel had to life with the debt he felt he owed to everyone. Tom’s life, or what was left of it, was never going back to normal and it was because of

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